The IndyBar Celebration of Life and Career

The IndyBar Celebration of Life and Career

“What you leave behind…is what is woven into the lives of others.” - Pericles

Last month, we attended an event celebrating individuals who created legacies that truly live on. The fourth annual IndyBar Celebration of Life and Career was held Thursday, November 14th, to “remember, honor and celebrate” the lives of members of the local legal profession who passed away the previous year.

Held at the Indiana Supreme Court courtroom, the event was created by the IndyBar’s HEAL (Helping Enrich Attorneys Lives) Committee several years ago as a way for people to share their memories of the lives and careers of local attorneys, judges and paralegals with colleagues, family members and friends.

Andy Grove, our Video Manager, attended and recorded the event to help preserve the stories told and the different perspectives shared of these amazing lives. Indianapolis Bar Foundation President Mark Waterfill gave the welcome. IndyBar Executive Director, Julie Armstrong, and Bar Association President, Tom Barnard, both spoke at the event as well. Judge Alicia Gooden and Commissioner Kelly Scanlan, current chair of the HEAL Committee, read the remembrances. A reception was held outside the courtroom afterwards, giving attendees a chance to talk and reminisce further about the legacies of the individuals celebrated.

It was so gratifying to be able to reflect on the contributions of these respected individuals, and hear about the impact they had on others.

2019 Celebration of Life and Career Honorees:

Michael Allen
Karen Brogan
Hon. Thomas Carroll
Laura Crowley
Henry Dein
Yvonne Ferguson-Watkins
John Forbes
Jack Frisch
Samuel Fuller
Herman Greenwood
Fred Isaacs
Eleanor Kinney
Gary Klotz
Dean Norman Lefstein
David McClure
James McNew
Michael Patrick
Connie Popcheff
Judith Ripley
Clifford Rubenstein
Bruce Smith
Scott Tanner
Barbara Wolenty


For more information about this annual event, visit IndyBar News

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