Our services extend throughout the state of Indiana with 6 locations, all delivering the same high standards our
original Indianapolis office shaped over 30 years ago.

We specialize in advanced court reporting, professional legal video services, legal focus group facilities and video conferencing.
Our clients have full access to these services in our online repository.

Advanced Court Reporting

Our knowledgeable team creates a customized experience using the latest technology, while always providing accurate transcripts from local NCRA certified court reporters you know and trust.

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Legal Video Services

Our Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) strengthen your case by producing consistent, high-quality digital videos, delivered in the format of your choice, so you get the best in litigation support every time.

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Legal focus group facilities

Monitoring the focus group discussion is easy and seamless. Whether watching the groups in one of our two observation rooms or viewing the session securely by computer or mobile device, you'll be sure to capture all the details.

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Video conferencing

Experience unparalleled deposition conferencing solutions using our fully equipped deposition suites where we offer complimentary beverage service and parking, WiFi, photocopies and many more amenities customized to fit your needs.

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Online document repository

Every Stewart Richardson client also has access to our repository’s robust search capabilities. Searches can be conducted by witness, single case, or by all cases available. Additionally, all OCR’d exhibits are included in this search feature.

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Coast to Coast

Our experienced team handles all the details from scheduling a location, securing a reliable, local reporter and or videographer to the delivery of transcripts, so you can be confident in receiving a smooth, consistent deposition experience, each and every time.

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Stewart Richardson is a proud partner of inData

Trusted experts with personalized service. inData’s trial consultants bring years of experience in the
courtroom to your litigation team.

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